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Continuing since 14 years

111 Having approved by the Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI), vide Regd. No. ODIODI-2008/24949, Govt. of India, ‘DURADARSHI’ (The Best Odia News Features Monthly) has successfully completed its 13th years and continuing 14th year of publication from the capital city of Odisha . The first issue of ‘DURADARSHI’ was published on dt.22.05.2008 . This outstanding magazine has maintained its speciality to be published by the 1st date of the concerned months. We are linked with numerous leading news agencies, distinguished media houses, PR professionals and reputed correspondents spread over the country. The analytical representation of stories and magnificent layout style of our unique team has contributed ‘DURARARSHI’ largely to emerge as the best magazine of our state. The publication contains news, features and regular columns on Business, Politics, Sports, Film, Science, Art, Culture, Horoscope, Crime Story, Cartoon, Interview, Women, Youth & Children etc. The content covers the national and international events of significance. It also depicts the problems relating to all walks of life and thereby providing the right solution to the masses. Our prime motto is to highlight the contemporary socio- economic and political issues based news of our state, nation and the globe at large. Since the commencement of it’s publication we have been organising several major events and programmes like seminars, group discussions, competitions and socio-cultural functions to create awareness amongst the general public of our state. For the alround development of people from all quarters we provide the best opportunities to let them participate, be involved and cast their respective opinions. Infact, ‘DURADARSHI’ has not only emerged as a magazine but also has proved itself as the best platform for the readers, writers, journalists, social activists and intellectuals who love Odia culture and are proud to be Odias. Beside literal works and awareness programmes we have tried our best to render service by providing pecuniary, legal, clinical and other kinds of support to the needy people who deserve the same as our high objective behind this publication is nothing except “work for the nation and service for the mankind.” Our tagline “SANGHARSARATA MANISARA ANTAHSWARA- The Inner Voice of Struggling Man” rightly suggests the readers to ponder for a while about our idea, philosophy, hope, dream and aspiration for bringing out such an outstanding journal in exchange of such an affordable price which is hardly seen in the present day competition market. Thats why ‘DURADARSHI’ has recognised as the best and highest circulated news features Odia monthly magazine in our state. Our readers are not confined in the 30 districts of Odisha but also we cover major metro cities Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangaluru, Kolkata and some other parts of our country as well as abroad. As suggested by many researchers and scholars we have adopted some highly developed techniques to reach our annual & life subscribers who stay so far from the state. We believe that under the viable and dynamic editorship our Editor Mr. Durga Prasad Samantaray ‘DURADARSHI’ will culminate in the field of both literature and social service in the days to come.